Thursday, August 7, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Blood Ties

In which Purdie Uggla, with the assistance of Koen, tries to find the assailant behind the attack on Sheriff Ortega

Purdie didn't look up from his microscope as he spoke, "Koen, step away from the console"

Koen looked over at the tall gentleman as he backed away, "How did you know?"

Purdie stood up straight and turned towards the Neko, "Time Lord. Leave it at that."

"Oh.....ok, so what's the deal with you? How are you related to the Sheriff?"

Purdie sighed. All those members in The Society, he thought, and this is the first one to volunteer help.

"Once more. My cousin and I were involved in a time war," Purdie said, "we pushed a wave of Daleks into a rift in the Medusa Cascade. We wound up inside the rift, holding them in place, as one of our allies closed the rift. Unfortunately, that left us trapped in the rift. But then, this ship started to shake violently. There was a flash of light, and I wound up on the shores of Caledon Cay. Using a remote HUD I carry with me, I was able to call the TARDIS to me. Sadly, I found out my cousin wound up in Moldovia five hundred years in the past. He had the TARDIS rewrite his DNA, and lived his life as a human. He married, had children, and died an old man. One of his descendants, Iliana Rasslonis, married Piotr Ortegavich. They're the parents of Fuzzball and Angelica, and in a sense are my distant cousins. Understand?"

Koen nodded, then said, "No"

Purdie nodded, "Well, good thing I told this story to Mr. Eclipse and Ms. Hilra. Would hate to have wasted this exposition."

Koen walked up to the work table and looked at all the equipment. "And you must have the biggest spark of them all."

Purdie sighed, again.

"That's the fifteenth time you sighed." Koen noted, as he looked into the microscope, "Oh wow, blood"

Purdie nodded, as he pulled Koen away from the table, "Fuzz's blood. I've also been looking at Angelica's blood."

"Thought she wasn't a werewolf."

"She's not. Although, her bite is worse than Fuzz's bark, at times. Rasslonis, my cousin, was changed into a human, he lost all powers and physiology of a Time Lord. One heart, instead of two. Short life span. So forth, and so on. Apparently, some Time Lord DNA still exist, and is handed down to the offspring. Which would explain why Iliana, although well into her seventies, still appears to be younger. But there's more. Two years ago, Angelica broke her arm. It healed within a few weeks. Bones mended and everything."

"A gift from the Time Lords?" Koen asked

Purdie smiled and nodded, "You can say that. A Time Lord has a way of cheating death. Oolon Sputnik demonstrated it some time ago. When his body is badly damaged, to the point that a human or other mortal creature would die, he can regenerate. He would be completely healed, and completely changed. The full regeneration power doesn't exist in the DNA of my cousins descendents, but the healing part of that power does."

Koen smiled, "So, if Fuzz was shot....."

"We'll find out."

Purdie picked up a petrie dish which had some melted silver in it. Using a blotter, he picked up a small sample from the dish and placed it onto the blood sample on the slide. He peered into the microscope, hoping for a positive answer. He was dismayed to watch as the silver, as if it was alive, attack the Lycan blood cells, destroying them.

Koen watched as Purdie hung his head in distraught.

"Th....that was just a small sample, though." Koen said "Maybe Fuzz's healing powers'll kick in."

Purdie didn't look up as he replied, "If Fuzz is shot in the heart, it could be the end of him. I'm not sure"

Purdie walked over to the book shelf and picked up a small journal. He handed it to Koen, "I want you to take this to Mayor Eclipse......and do not call him 'Mayor'."

Koen, thinking that Purdie was just trying to get him out of the way, took the journal and slowly started to leave the TARDIS.

"Oh, and Koen"

Koen turned and looked at the Time Lord

"Hurry back. We have a lot of work to do if we are to find out who is trying to assassinate Fuzz." Purdie said, with a smile.

Koen smiled back and hurried out.

Purdie flipped a switch on the console and started tapping on a button. The tapping was in Morse Code.

Fuzz In Danger. Stop. Need Your Help. Stop. Eclipse Has Journal Detailing Visions. Stop.

"And hurry." he whispered.

To Be Continued

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