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Steelhead Adventures: Hotspur's Predicament, The Plan, The Attack, The Cliffhanger

Undisclosed Place In New Babbage

Hotspur managed to wrestle free from his captors. He threw a punch and knocked one, twice his size, down to the ground. Another ran up behind him and threw his arms around him, trying to subdue him. Hotspur managed to break free from the grip, spun around, and punched the man. He picked up a chair and smashed it on yet another.

"Gentlemen, this has been fun, but you picked the wrong day to be messin' with Mrs. O'Toole's favorite son." Hotspur said, his fists up ready to punch the next guy.

The response was a sting in the neck. Hotspur reached to the spot and pulled out a dart. He looked over to see an old Chinese man with a blow gun.

"Now see here, my good man," Hotspur said, pointing at the elder man, "that is not fair play."

Hotspur's eyes crossed, and he fell backwards, hitting the floor. The ne'er do wells walked up to his body.

"He dead?" one asked the Chinese man

"No, merely sleeping." was the reply, "The Dark Ocean Society use a very special potion on their enemies. He will be asleep for some time. Lord Lieng wishes to exact his revenge on this one, himself. Lord Lieng also wishes to know if your master needs our assistance in his matter?"

"Nah," the henchman replied "seems everyone's runnin' after all these other suspects, Mr. Barthelmess hadn't even been brought in for questioning. I don't even think anyone was aware he's been in Steelhead."

Two younger Chinese men walked into the room, the elder one pointed at Hotspur's sleeping body and the young ones bowed and picked him up.

Sheriff's Office, Steelhead City

"Thought he was a messenger?" Fuzz asked Darien, as he shifted through paperwork

"Well, he did all sorts of stuff in court, but he was a Sommelier for the most part." Darien replied

Fuzz looked at the paper, "Why does she want.....on second thought, I don't want to know, I'll just notarize it." he looked at Darien, "This brings a very important question."

"What was he doing in Steelhead?" Darien replied, "That I'm not sure, but...."

"NO, the question is, what's a Sommelier?"

"'s a wine taster. They taste the wines before it gets poured for the kings to make sure they weren't poisoned."

"Guess asking about benefits is out of the question?" Fuzz asked, then looked at the next paper "Ok, I have enough trouble trying to understand the Jager's when they talk....."

"ANYWAY," Darien continued, "This demon was Bloodwing's personal wine taster. He carried with him a tastevin at all times."

Fuzz looked up from the papers, "How about saving you the trouble of me being my typical smartass self, and do a Webster on me. Give me the definition"

Darien smiled, "It's a small cup on a chain that Sommlier's wear around their neck. In this case, it would look like an amulet. Bloodwing was really flashy, remember."

Fuzz threw the papers on the desk. "Ooooooooooooooookay. And this means, what?"

"It's magic. It was charmed to protect it's wearer from being poisoned." Darien said, smiling

Fuzz scratched his chin, "Poison? So, if something was poison to someone, it would protect them from that?"

"Like silver." Darien replied

Fuzz picked back up the paperwork and continued working, "There was nothing on this demon, and Sushi had been all over the bay, nothing was found. Whoever killed the demon, took all it's possessions with him."

Darien leaned back in his chair, "And Bloodwing's dying wish, was to save us all."

"If he wanted to save me, he could've sent someone to do all this paperwork for me." Fuzz looked up from his paperwork, "This solves the mystery of who the demon was, and possibly why he was in Steelhead. But, we're no closer to ending the tension caused by the attempt on my life."

"What are you going to do?"

"Wait. All I can do."

Lunar walked into the office, holding an official looking document. He placed it on Fuzz's desk.

"What's this?" Fuzz asked

"A 'Non-Agression Pact' signed by Malegatto Alter." Lunar answered. "During this investigation, neither she nor her minions will attack Steelhead City. Also, Tensai has studied Miss Alter's silver bullets....yes, she carries silver bullets.....they were not the same type bullets that were fired at your house. We've ruled her out as a suspect in the shootings."

Fuzz simply stared at Lunar.

"What?" Lunar asked, "We're trying to help."

"Malegatto Alter and Doctor Obolensky weren't really suspects," Fuzz replied "I said they were suspects just to see if the one I've always suspected would take advantage of the situation."

"How do you know it wasn't them?" Darien asked

"I wasn't home during the shootings," Fuzz explained "it was dark, and the scarecrow was shot. Malegatto Alter is a cat. Dogg Food'll tell you, a cat's eyesight is exceptional in the dark. Malegatto would've seen the scarecrow and not fired. She would've hit her target. Also the angle was wrong if it was fired by her.....Tiny and all that."

"And Obolensky?" Lunar asked

Fuzz chuckled, "Regular silver tipped bullets fired from a regular gun? Not Obolensky's style. No, gentlemen, I'm afraid that the true culprit....the one I've suspected all along, has been coming and going out of Steelhead for some time, and due to the fact that we don't check the ambassadorial airships of those that have embassy's and consulates here in Steelhead, he's been coming and going as he pleases without anyone noticing. But it's ok, this will soon be resolved. Trust me."

Fuzz looked behind Lunar and quickly stood up. Darien and Lunar turned to see Lady Eva Bellambi, The Duchess of Loch Avie, walk into the room.

"Your Grace." Fuzz said, giving a slight bow

"Sheriff Ortega," Lady Eva replied, "Lord Lunar, Doctor Mason."

"A pleasure to see you, Your Grace." Lunar said, "What brings you to Steelhead."

"I've been looking for Hotspur O'Toole," she replied "have you seen him?"

"Not as of late." Fuzz replied "The dock master just contacted me, his iron clad is still docked. Hotspur claimed he wasn't going to be in Steelhead for long." Fuzz then shrugged, "But hey, you know Hotspur, always out and about for Lord knows how long, and when he returns, he'll have a big smile, and a black eye with a few bruises, and a story to tell at The Anvil."

"Yes....I'm sure that's it. Well, if you see him, please inform him to see me and Lord Edward in Caledon. Good afternoon, gentlemen."

After the Duchess left the room, Darien turned towards Fuzz

"Why is she so interested in Hotspur's whereabouts?"

Fuzz shrugged, "Must be MI-5 business"

"MI-5 doesn't exist." Darien said, "Oh come one. That's just an old rumor."

"Riiiiiight," Fuzz replied, "At anyrate. I need to see Purdie. I'll finish the paperwork later, Lunar. And I'll have the Sisters keep an eye on Malegatto and her minions when they come to Steelhead. She may've signed the pact, but I'm sure she's searching for a loophole. She's a smart one."

Purdie's TARDIS

Koen sat and watched as Purdie made the final touches to Fuzz's pocketwatch.

"So.....what is this going to do?" Koen asked

Purdie didn't reply, but just smiled.

Koen smiled in return, "Must be good"

"Not perfect," Purdie said, "but as close as we're going to get in this particular situation."

The two looked over at the doors as they came open and Fuzz walked in.

"Ok," Fuzz said "whatcha got?"

Purdie handed Fuzz his pocketwatch, "Put this back on."

Fuzz put his pocketwatch where he always wore it, then looked at Purdie as if to say, "Well?"

Purdie looked at Koen, "Now, Koen, will you be so kind as to point to Fuzzball's nose?"

Koen shrugged, then pointed.

"There" Koen said, pointing slightly to the left of Fuzzball's nose

Purdie nodded, "Very good. And if someone was to shoot Fuzzball with a silver bullet, they'd have to hit him directly in the heart, which is where?"

Koen pointed slightly to the left of Fuzzball's heart, "There."

Fuzz looked at Koen pointing, then looked at Purdie, "The hell's wrong with him?"

"Nothing," Purdie replied "I added a small bit of TARDIS technology to your pocketwatch."

Fuzz looked at his watch, then looked at Purdie, "It's bigger on the inside?"

Purdie chuckled, "No, when it materializes somewhere, it has a sort of perception filter. People would walk by it, and not even notice it. I've done a slightly different modification of that bit of technology for you. People will notice you, but they're perception will be off slightly."

"Ahhh," Fuzz said, "so they'll be looking slightly to the left when talking to me."

Purdie nodded, "I can look at you directly in the face, because I know to look. So, once he fires at you, again, he'll think he's firing at your heart, and without the perception filter, he will be. But, thankfully, he'll be hitting just to the left."

"But," Koen asked as he was staring at Fuzz trying to see if he could see where Fuzz was really standing, "the silver bullet will still hit Fuzz. It'll still be poison to him."

"That will be the tricky part." Purdie said "IF we can get to Fuzz in time, there's a chance that with the right medical attention, Fuzz can fight the poison and live."

"My dad could help" Koen suggested

Purdie looked at Fuzz, "He is your friend, I'm sure he'd be willing to help you. There is the other alternative I mentioned, though."

Fuzz walked closer to the TARDIS console, "If I hide in Steelhead, he'll find me. For that matter, anywhere you take me, he'll send his thugs out to search for me. He's not aware of Time Lords, so we'll need to use that to our advantage." Fuzz looked at Koen, "I'm sorry, Koen, I wish your father'd be able to help us, but we need to take a different route."

The three were startled by a loud "HEY", the turned to see Old boB Ballyhoo standing in the doorway.

"This is a helluva outhouse" he said

"It's a police box, not an outhouse." Purdie muttered

"Sorry, boB," Fuzz said "it's occupied."

boB held up his hand and started out, "I 'pologize. I'll go somewhere else to do my bidness."

After boB left, Purdie pulled the lever to close the doors to the TARDIS. He then stared at the console, then looked at Fuzz.

"I think...." he said "I've got the perfect hiding place."

Outside The Steelhead Ballroom And Hotel, Later That Night

Lunar walked out of the hotel, writing on a notepad. He was always thinking of ways of improving the integrity and overall look of the buildings in Steelhead. His train of thought was stopped by the sound of a gunshot.

"Fuzz" he whispered

He ran towards Fuzz's house and found Fuzz laying face down on the porch. He turned Fuzz over and found the bullet hole in the left side of his chest.

"Fuzz," he asked "Fuzz can you hear me? Say something"

The alien, yet familiar sound of a Time Lord's TARDIS came out of no where, and a grandfather clock materialized in front of Lunar. The clock opened and Purdie ran out and picked Fuzz up.

"GIVE ME A HAND" Purdie shouted

Lunar helped Purdie pick Fuzz's body up and the two brought him into the TARDIS. There was a cot in the console room, and they placed him on it. Purdie then turned to Lunar and motioned to the doors.

"I'm sorry, Lunar, you have to leave." he said "And don't argue. The more time we waste, the more dangerous it becomes to Fuzz."

Lunar looked at Fuzz, then at Purdie

"Please," Purdie said, "you have to trust me."

Lunar stepped out of the TARDIS and watched as it disappeared. He turned to see Tensai's cat, Dogg Food, sitting on the railing of Fuzz's porch.

"What's going on?" Dogg asked through the synthesis collar.

"Get Tensai," Lunar replied "Emergency town meeting."

To Be Continued
(As Soon As The Typist Has Regained Internet Access).

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Steelhead Adventures: The Journal

(Blogger's Note: I must warn you, this is somewhat dark in nature. I beg the reader to please not take it too seriously, this is, after all, merely a story)

For some time now, my slightly psychic paper had been acting strangely. Words began appearing on the paper. I had tried to make sense of the riddles it gave me. Then as I started looking at the words as they appeared on the paper, again, I began to have visions that answered the riddles.

With the recent attack on Fuzzball's life, I suddenly realized that a chain of events was beginning. I have taken to writing the visions in this journal. Hopefully, this could prepare us from allowing these visions to come true.

Silver Poison

These were the first words that appeared on the paper. As I stared at the words, I suddenly found myself standing in front of the Steelhead Hotel. The sky was a hazy gray in color, and people walked by and didn't notice me, apparent that I was to merely watch and not get involved. A gunshot was heard. The citizens dropped what they were doing and looked. A lump formed in my throat as I knew what was happening. I looked up to see myself and Koen running towards the direction of Fuzz's house. Other citizens started running towards the house as well. I followed

"Back off" I heard TotalLunar Eclipse yell, "Please, give us some room."

The crowd slowly moved back. I walked forward and saw Fuzz laying face down on his porch. I watched the me in this vision turn Fuzz over, and gasped, as several others did, as the wound in the center of his chest became visible.

The vision me looked at Lunar, "We need to get him inside, NOW."

Then there was a flash......

The scene had changed, I was now standing in Fuzz's living room. Other citizens as well. The DeCosta's, Riven Homewood, Eugenia Burton, Forelle Boek, Baron Wulfenbach and a couple of members of the Europan Consulate. Others were on the front porch. Still others walked by, looked up at the house, then continued walking on, only to turn around and head back to the house. At the bottom of the stairs, Angelica was sitting with Kattryn Severine.

They both got up and turned to see Lunar slowly walking down the stairs.

"Oh please," I found myself muttering, "don't let it be......"

Lunar spoke softly to Angelica, who then slumped back down, sobbing. Everyone in the room bowed their heads, many of them sobbing. The citizens on the porch, followed by the ones on the street, followed suit. A day worse than "The Dark Times" happened in Steelhead City, Oregon.

"It's only a vision," I muttered, trying to control my sobbing, "nothing to get emotional over"

I looked up to see Old boB Ballyhoo in front of me, staring. Actually.....he was looking right at me.

"And you know what?" boB said "This is ooonly the beginning"

And there was a flash

The Death Of Law

I found myself standing in front of town hall. People stood on the side of the street. All of them, mourning. I looked to see the funeral procession coming by. Fuzz's coffin was in the horse drawn hearse, draped with flags representing The United States, Moldavia, Caledon, and Steelhead. The Ortegavich family walked behind, Angelica walking between her parents, Piotr and Iliana Ortegavich, with the rest of her siblings and myself behind them. Kattrynn Severine, TotalLunar Eclipse, and Tensai Hilra followed, followed by Governor Desmond Shang, followed by dignitaries and soldiers and many others. I looked around and found that everyone, from Steelhead to Caledon to New Babbage to Antiquity, to name a few, were here.

"Quite impressive," I thought "for someone who didn't care much for being the center of attention."

And then there was a flash

From my viewpoint, under at tree on a hill, I could see the funeral services. The rain had started, but people did not move. They stood and listened to the eulogy. They stood as the coffin was lowered. Then, they slowly walked away as the grave was being filled.

There was the flash

It was night, the rain had stopped and the stars were out. I found myself standing behind Fuzz's tombstone. In front of me, Lunar stood with Angelica, Piotr and Iliana. Angelica was looking at the moon.

"It looks sad." she said

Lunar nodded, "Aye, I can feel it's glow. It's mourning the loss of a great warrior."

Piotr looked at the tombstone, then towards Lunar, "You have arrested Barthelmess?" He asked

"I'd love to," Lunar said, "but we have no proof he did this"

"HE DID" Piotr snarled, "You know it, I know it. Your whole town knows it"

Iliana placed her hand on Piotr's chest, "Be calm, my dearest. Purdie is investigating all leads. If anyone can find the one responsible, it's him."

Piotr took his wife's hand and kissed it, he then turned back to Lunar, "Forgive me, friend elf. I....lost my son."

Angelica started sobbing again. Her parents walked up to her and held her in their arms. Lunar knelt on one knee at Fuzz's grave, said a prayer in his elven tongue, then got up and walked away.

I turned to find Old boB Ballyhoo standing next to me.

"Sad, isn't it?" he asked me, he looked at me, his face grim, "And it doesn't get better"

And then there was a flash.

Caledon Uninhabitable

I was standing in the console room of my TARDIS. The lights were slightly dimmed, for some reason. I looked around and found a body laying on the floor. I started to walk to it, then realized that I was staring at me. I turned as the familiar noise of a sonic screwdriver came from outside, the doors opened.

"Purdie" Oolon Sputnik called out as he entered. He was followed by Alfonso Avalanche, Terry Lightfoot, and Koen. "Purdie are you here?"

"Oolon" Terry said as she walked towards the lifeless body that was me, "we're too late."

Suddenly the console made a clicking sound and a holographic image of me appeared in front of the group.

"This is an emergency holographic projection," the hologram said "If this is playing then it means that I am dead or am close to dying, and the regeneration process will not work. If that is the case, then it is important that whoever is listening to this must act fast. Marcus Mason was in a power struggle in Caledon Tam with several known villains, minus one. During that struggle, Marcus detonated a weapon that was invented by one of the villains. As you may've guess by now, by the glow on the horizon, Tam is destroyed..."

I glanced out the doors and saw the glow. I wondered how bad this could get.

"It's going to get worse," the hologram continued, "Radiation poisoning is spreading ramant across Caledon now, due to that, and Marcus' powers. By my calculations......" the hologram paused, unsure of it should continue, "by my calculations, the radiation will have spread all over Caledon within six days. After which, no living creature will be able to live in Caledon for quite some time. Marcus has been stopped, but not without a price. Which is why this hologram is playing. As for the nothing. Allow her to simply die. One final request, please tell Steelhead City.....I am so sorry, I tried to find Fuzz's killer, but I failed."

I could tell that when the vision me recorded this, he had fought the pain, trying to keep his composure. After he had said that last sentence, the hologram started coughing and dropped to his knees. The hologram ended there.

"What do we do?" Koen asked, tears running down his face.

"We have to get everyone out of Caledon." Alfonso said.

Oolon nodded, "Many will have radiation poisoning. We're going to need to find ways of curing them."

As they walked out of the TARDIS, the lights finally went out.

"Goodbye, Old Girl." I whispered

And then, there was a flash

I was standing in Steam Sky City. For once, it was actually moving, instead of hovering in Caledon. It was the best way to get all of Caledon out. I glanced out one of the windows and saw other airships following along.

"A ragtag fleet looking for a home." I whispered.

I walked down the corridors, seeing the distraught look on the faces of all of them. I walked up to a familiar looking blue box. The door opened and Darien Mason, once again, fully grown and wearing his old army medical gear, walked out. He removed his helmet and mask, to reveal the scarred face and the eyepatch. Apparently, my vision self was not alone in taking Marcus down. Eladrienne Laval walked up to him.

"Darien," she asked "how are they?"

"I'm trying to keep them as comfortable as I can." Darien replied, "I'm glad Oolon is letting us use is traveling cabinet to tend to the sick."

A quick flash, and I found myself in Desmond's office in Steam Sky City. He looked up at the gentlemen in the room.

"New Babbage apologizes," he said, "as does Antiquity and Rivet Town. They're not sure of the radiation poisoning. If it's contagious. Any Caledonians who are healthy are free to go there."

Gnarlihotep Abel shook his head, "Everyone wishes to stay together. We've lost too many, already. 40% of the population is gone. Every one of us have lost too much. All we have is each other."

Viderian Vollmar looked at Desmond, "We Take Steelhead On Their Offer?"

TotalLunar Eclipse walked up and pointed to the map on Des' desk, "Severine Valley is a huge place. You will be able to tend to your sick there. Oolon and Darien have both confirmed that the poisoning is not contagious. Steelhead will not turn it's back on anyone. Sheriff Ortegavich has arranged for the Jaeger's to serve as your protectors." Lunar smiled, "Angelica's basically doing what her brother would've done"

"And what will your government say?" Des asked

"Katt's land. She'll do what she wants with it."

Des nodded, "Steelhead City. It's been through bad times. They'll help us get through ours."

I followed Lunar out of the office. He stopped to see Lord Edward sitting on a bench. It was obvious that Edward had not slept in quite some time. Lunar walked over and sat next to him. I knew then that both have lost someone who was very dear to them both.

An owl flew into the great airship and dropped a parchment in Lunar's lap, then flew back out. Lunar opened the parchment and read it. He jumped up.

"GODS!" he exclaimed

"what?" Edward asked, standing up. Lunar handed him the parchment and Edward read it. "PRESIDENT BARTHELMESS?!?!"

Knowingly, I glanced over to see boB standing beside me.

"And the folks of the future thought them Bush boys were bad" he said

And then there was a flash

One True Master

I found myself inside what I thought was a prison. And yet, it had a familiar look to it. I looked around at the prisoners and their gray suits. Then, I noticed. They were furries, tinies, elves, different creatures of every shape and size. The armed guards.....were human.

Obviously, it didn't take long for Jobias to turn the government around to his liking. The prison was not a prison. I would almost be certain that the new government said that they were labor camps. I had known of a government in my home universe that used that same line, only to have been responsible for the deaths of millions.

I turned around....and found myself in an office in the camp. A few armed guards were in the room. Along with Barthelmess and......

"TotalLunar Eclipse." Barthelmess said, with a smile "So, good to see you, again."

Lunar said nothing.

"You know, we've been through alot, you and I." Jobias continued, "Remember when that bitch, Qlippothic, accused me of being around when trouble started? Well...we won't have to worry about her, anymore. Nor do we have to worry about Darien. Can you imagine him thinking he was human? A clone. A copy of an individual. He's no more human than that werewolf sheriff you used to have in Steelhead."

"You killed Fuzz" Lunar said through gritted teeth.

"THERE YOU GO" Jobias exlaimed, clasping his hands together. "I was wondering when that was going to come out." he walked closer to Lunar "You could never find the true murderer. Have no proof on who was responsible. I cannot believe that everyone...I mean EVERYONE is still on that kick. That werewolf died five years ago."

"His name," Lunar said, "was Demetrius Ezekial Fuzzball Ortegavich. Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega. Respected by many. He will be remembered long after you're gone."

Jobias snorted, "Yes, very well." he glanced around at the guards, then stepped closer to Lunar and spoke in a low voice, "You know. I have a reason for these labor camps. I mean, sure it seems like all the laborers are non-human. But, I'm not a completely cruel man. What say, we walk into the other room, and discuss this as civilized being?"

I could tell that Lunar knew he didn't have much of a choice. I watched the two of them walked into the room, and the door closed. Shortly after, there was a gun shot.

"God no" I said

Jobias walked out of the room, placing his revolver back into his pocket, "Clean up that mess" he told one of the guards. He turned to the rest, "Let's purify the lands."

"boB" I said, "I don't want to see anymore."

boB stepped in front of me, "I'm afraid that you have no choice."

And then there was a flash

Look To boB

Steelhead was in flames. The hotel, town hall, the shops, the houses, everywhere. I looked around, angered and saddened and frightened.

"Jobias" I said

"No" boB replied, "actually it was Tensai. Jobias was sending his army here. One last loose end, revenge against Steelhead. Tensai destroyed it all. The citizens, all are safe. Sheriff Ortegavich and the SWAT team saw to that."

"Who are you?" I asked, "I should've asked this from the beginning."

"A guide of sorts." boB replied, "Wasn't sure as to who to appear as. Fuzz, Angelica, Katt......but the crazy old man who rambles like a madman......that would work."

I added confusion to the anger, sadness and fright, "We lost. Evil won."

"Not quite" boB said with a smile

And then there was a flash

Jobias stood in his office, looking at the flames of the city outside.

"Jobias" boB said, "managed to come close to doing what he had wanted to do for so long. Conquer the world. What you were seeing, were different time periods of a possible future. But, don't think it's all gloom and darkness......well, it was, I know. But, in the end, something good almost always happens."

Jobias turned and his eyes widened as he looked my way. Was it possible that now, I was able to be seen in this nightmare? The answer came to me as the gun was fired from behind me. Jobias fell to the ground, dead. I turned around to see Katt standing there with a gun in her hand. She placed the gun in her hand bag and left the room.

bob nodded, "Yea, it was either going to be her, or Desmond. Both lost a lot."

"Who shot Fuzz?"

"Sue Ellen's sister." boB said, then shook his head, "Sorry, she shot J.R. One more thing I have to show you."

And then there was a flash

I looked around. Glanced at the clothing on the people as they walked by. It wasn't the 1890's.

"Early 21st Century" boB explained, "Mankind always picks himself up and moves on."

I glance around at the buildings, "Steelhead City?"

"That was rebuilt, too. How did you come to this universe?"

I shrugged, "Time War with the Daleks, was in the Medusa Cascade, wound up here"

"Many of the humans here came here via the Bermuda Triangle. The Lycans, due to a quest through Fenris' Cave. The Furries, the Neko's, the Tinies......everyone, came here, or were descended from those who came here through a portal of some sort in their universe of origin."

"Why?" I asked

"The beings known as the Lindens." boB replied "A great experiment of theirs. People of all walks of life, living in this one little pocket universe. Proving that no matter how different you are, everyone can get along. And if everyone can get along here, then the big universes can do the same. Mind you, as is apparent with Jobias, you get some bad eggs."

I shrugged, "So?"

boB motioned around, "No wars since the late 1800's. It was a success.....and a failure. The Lycans are living in remote areas, mostly in Eastern Europe. Nobody can tell you when a Tiny was last seen here."

"Possible future." I whispered, "Their experiment CAN succeed."

"Yes. You seen these events. It doesn't have to happen like this. You can prevent it from happening."

I smiled

And then there was a flash

I found myself in my console room, holding the psychic paper. The visions were over. It was then that I started to write everything from the visions in this journal.

Now that we know what may happen, we can prevent this from happening.

Purdie Uggla

The Office Of TotalLunar Eclipse, Town Hall

"It was most interesting." Lunar said, handing Purdie the journal, "Until now, my idea of dark consisted of stories dealing with the world turning pink."

Purdie smiled, "Knowing we can turn the tide is an important thing. After all, time is this big ball of....timey wimey stuff."

"Is that a technical term?"

"Oh yes, the same as the blinky blinkies in my console. If you will excuse me. I'm going to get to the bottom of the shooting, even if I have to use up all my regenerations."

"We are here if you need us."

Purdie turned to leave as Old boB Ballyhoo stumbled into the office.

"Well," Purdie said, smiling, "you're no vision."

As Purdie walked out, boB looked at Lunar

"Mayor," boB drunkenly said, "I think I was insulted."

Outside Town Hall

Purdie looked up at the stars in the night sky.

"If I never make it home," he said outloud, "at least I have a terrific place to call home."

He looked to see boB standing in front of him.

"ello, boB" Purdie said, smiling, "Finished with your visit with Lunar?"

"One other thing," boB said as he started to fade into nothing, "Fuzzball Ortega still gets shot. You can't prevent that."

Purdie stared wide eyed as the vision vanished.

To Be Continued

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Dead Man's Hand

Sheriff's Office

Using his Sonic Screwdriver, Purdie sealed the last pane of glass into the window frame. He stepped back and looked at Lunar.

"There," he said, "now try it"

Lunar picked up a rock and threw it at the window. They both ducked as the rock bounced off the window and flew past them, hitting the jail cell. Willard the Jail Rat ran out of his cell and jumped up on Fuzzball's desk, squeaking at both of them. Neither one spoke "rat", but knew that some foul language was being used.

"Forgive us, Willard" Lunar said, holding up his hand "We're just trying to protect Fuzz"

Willard let out a sigh, then sat down on the desk and watched to two as they continued.

"So," Lunar said, "this will be bullet proof? NOTHING can penetrate the glass?"

Purdie nodded, "Nothing.., this time period. Miss Tensai can use her most powerful explosives, town hall would be demolished, these panes of glass will not have a scratch on them."

He looked at Lunar, "Have you read the journal I sent to you?"

"Glanced through it," Lunar replied "will go over it further with my wife later. Some of what I read.....seems very intense."

Purdie nodded, "I have seen many things in my travels. Dangers and evils that you would not believe. But, what I saw in those visions, what I wrote in the journal.....gave me chills."

"If what you saw is a possible future, then we will do out best to prevent it from happening."

Purdie smiled, "Good."

The two looked to see Tensai pulling a cannon into Fuzz's office.

"Ok," she said, "Let's see how strong these windows REALLY are."

The Steelhead Saloon

Forelle Boek walked into the saloon and looked around. He found Fuzz sitting at a table, playing cards with Hotspur O'Toole, Hawc DeCosta, and Oolon Sputnik. He walked over and stood by Fuzz's chair.

"Fuzz," he said, "I need to speak with you."

Fuzz didn't look up from his cards as he replied, "If you wish to speak with me as Steelhead's Entertainment Director, office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. If you wish to speak with me as Steelhead's Justice Of The Peace, you'll need to make an appointment. If you need to speak to me as Steelhead's Manager, Lunar, Tensai, and I have a box that you can drop all requests in. If you need to speak to me as Steelhead's sheriff.......I'm playing cards."

"Visitors have stepped off the train," Forelle continued, "scholars from Harvard who're giving a talk at the library this weekend."

Oolon looked up from his cards, "If it was Oxbridge, I'd be impressed."

"What does this have to do with me?" Fuzz asked

"The Jaeger's are holding them at gunpoint." Forelle replied, "I'm having a little trouble understanding them.....but I think they believe the scholars are here to shoot you."

"OH for the Love of Lycoan" Fuzz said, as he threw his cards on the table, "I'm out. THIS is getting ridiculous, haven't been shot at in over a week, everyone's suspicious of all newcomers to Steelhead...."

Fuzz continued griping to himself as he left. Hotspur picked up Fuzz's discarded cards and looked at the hand.

"Shit." he said

The others looked as Hotspur laid the cards down on the table, revealing the hand Fuzz had. An Ace of Spades, an Ace of Clubs, an 8 of Spades, an 8 of Clubs, and a Queen Of Diamonds.

"Oh boy," Hawc said, as he looked at the cards, "talk about bad timing."

"Indeed." Oolon said

Forelle looked at the cards, then looked at the other three, "I've heard of this hand."

Hotspur nodded, "The same hand, according to Deadwood, that Wild Bill Hickock had the day he was shot."

"Dead Man's Hand" all four said

Oolon got up, "If you will excuse me. I'll need to find Purdie."

"Time Traveler Business?" Hotspur asked

"To help the Sheriff, yes" the Time Lord replied, "Unfortunately, with the time stream off kilter, thanks to the Mason family, our talents are temporarily limited. But there are plans"

Near the Train Station

Fuzz was still griping to himself as he walked to the station, "......and SteelCobra has to eat all the cookies all the time. I like cookies"

He stopped to find an old man in overalls standing in front of him, staring at him.

"Hello, Bob" Fuzz said

"boB" Old boB Ballyhoo snapped, "Get it right"

"Sorry, boB" Fuzz said. boB was once a resident of Ambertown, before the flood. He had survived the disaster, but was suffering from mental problems. Despite that, he was harmless. He never bothered anyone, was always friendly, unless you mispronounced his name. Nobody knew why he spelled his name backwards. "What can I do for you?"

"Just noticing," boB replied, "Ye ain't changed a bit."

boB wandered off into the direction of the saloon. Fuzz watched him, then heard a loud explosion coming from town hall. With Fuzz's keen hearing, he was able to determine that it was coming from his office. He started to head there, but then heard Tensai yell "Hoo"

"God, I love Steelhead" Fuzz said, as he turned and headed towards the station.

Victoria City, Caledon

Koen sat on a bench at the railway platform, watching the people disembark the train.

"Caledonian, Caledonian, Winterfeller," he whispered as he looked at the people, "New Babbage....Babbagian...Babbager....umm...."

"I'd just go with Citizen of New Babbage if I wasn't sure" a female voice suggested

Koen jumped at the voice, he didn't hear anyone approach. He looked to see a tall beautiful blonde woman standing by the bench.

"Mrs...Trescothick?" he asked

"That's actually my stage name" Angelica replied, "But you can call me Angelica. You're Koen, right?"

"Yes'm" Koen replied, "Miss Katt let me use her airship. Captain Swann is waiting for us."

Angelica nodded, then gestured towards her bag. Koen smiled and picked it up for her. As they started to leave the platform. Angelica stopped as a breeze blew across the platform. Koen stopped too as the breeze sent a shiver up his spine.

"Change is coming," Angelica said, staring up at the clouds, "I hope we're not too late."

The two continued walking towards the air ship port. Shortly after, the airship was heading back towards Steelhead City.

To Be Continued

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Blood Ties

In which Purdie Uggla, with the assistance of Koen, tries to find the assailant behind the attack on Sheriff Ortega

Purdie didn't look up from his microscope as he spoke, "Koen, step away from the console"

Koen looked over at the tall gentleman as he backed away, "How did you know?"

Purdie stood up straight and turned towards the Neko, "Time Lord. Leave it at that."

"Oh.....ok, so what's the deal with you? How are you related to the Sheriff?"

Purdie sighed. All those members in The Society, he thought, and this is the first one to volunteer help.

"Once more. My cousin and I were involved in a time war," Purdie said, "we pushed a wave of Daleks into a rift in the Medusa Cascade. We wound up inside the rift, holding them in place, as one of our allies closed the rift. Unfortunately, that left us trapped in the rift. But then, this ship started to shake violently. There was a flash of light, and I wound up on the shores of Caledon Cay. Using a remote HUD I carry with me, I was able to call the TARDIS to me. Sadly, I found out my cousin wound up in Moldovia five hundred years in the past. He had the TARDIS rewrite his DNA, and lived his life as a human. He married, had children, and died an old man. One of his descendants, Iliana Rasslonis, married Piotr Ortegavich. They're the parents of Fuzzball and Angelica, and in a sense are my distant cousins. Understand?"

Koen nodded, then said, "No"

Purdie nodded, "Well, good thing I told this story to Mr. Eclipse and Ms. Hilra. Would hate to have wasted this exposition."

Koen walked up to the work table and looked at all the equipment. "And you must have the biggest spark of them all."

Purdie sighed, again.

"That's the fifteenth time you sighed." Koen noted, as he looked into the microscope, "Oh wow, blood"

Purdie nodded, as he pulled Koen away from the table, "Fuzz's blood. I've also been looking at Angelica's blood."

"Thought she wasn't a werewolf."

"She's not. Although, her bite is worse than Fuzz's bark, at times. Rasslonis, my cousin, was changed into a human, he lost all powers and physiology of a Time Lord. One heart, instead of two. Short life span. So forth, and so on. Apparently, some Time Lord DNA still exist, and is handed down to the offspring. Which would explain why Iliana, although well into her seventies, still appears to be younger. But there's more. Two years ago, Angelica broke her arm. It healed within a few weeks. Bones mended and everything."

"A gift from the Time Lords?" Koen asked

Purdie smiled and nodded, "You can say that. A Time Lord has a way of cheating death. Oolon Sputnik demonstrated it some time ago. When his body is badly damaged, to the point that a human or other mortal creature would die, he can regenerate. He would be completely healed, and completely changed. The full regeneration power doesn't exist in the DNA of my cousins descendents, but the healing part of that power does."

Koen smiled, "So, if Fuzz was shot....."

"We'll find out."

Purdie picked up a petrie dish which had some melted silver in it. Using a blotter, he picked up a small sample from the dish and placed it onto the blood sample on the slide. He peered into the microscope, hoping for a positive answer. He was dismayed to watch as the silver, as if it was alive, attack the Lycan blood cells, destroying them.

Koen watched as Purdie hung his head in distraught.

"Th....that was just a small sample, though." Koen said "Maybe Fuzz's healing powers'll kick in."

Purdie didn't look up as he replied, "If Fuzz is shot in the heart, it could be the end of him. I'm not sure"

Purdie walked over to the book shelf and picked up a small journal. He handed it to Koen, "I want you to take this to Mayor Eclipse......and do not call him 'Mayor'."

Koen, thinking that Purdie was just trying to get him out of the way, took the journal and slowly started to leave the TARDIS.

"Oh, and Koen"

Koen turned and looked at the Time Lord

"Hurry back. We have a lot of work to do if we are to find out who is trying to assassinate Fuzz." Purdie said, with a smile.

Koen smiled back and hurried out.

Purdie flipped a switch on the console and started tapping on a button. The tapping was in Morse Code.

Fuzz In Danger. Stop. Need Your Help. Stop. Eclipse Has Journal Detailing Visions. Stop.

"And hurry." he whispered.

To Be Continued

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wheel in Motion

The Time Lord walked down the stairs into the main control room of his TARDIS.

They call it an ETC. Etheral Travel Cabinet. Interesting name. He thought, But, what should I expect, being in this reality cut off from home.

He flipped a few switches on the main console, the nearby viewer hummed as an image appeared on it's screen. From where his ship had landed, he was able to see a young boy being forced around by a woman.....least he thought it was a woman. He then recognized the two. Flipping another switch, he listened in on the conversation.*

After which, he frowned.

"This does not look good." he said out loud.

The console of the time ship beeped a few, as if trying to respond. He gave a slight smile and patted the console. He then turned and walked up the stairs that overlooked the console room. Two blackboards stood at one end. He picked up a piece of chalk and looked at the names on one board:

Jobias Barthelmess

Doctor Obolensky

Malegatto Alter

Spycrusher Shostakovich

He took the chalk and added two names:

Marcus Mason


"Which one," he whispered, "which one responsible for the images and words on my psychic paper?"

He glanced at the second board and looked at what he had written earlier.

Silver Poison

Death Of Law

Caledon Uninhabitable

One True Master

Look To boB

"What does it all mean?"

* Conversation can be found here and here

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Blog Posting.......

My apologies, I'll add a posting later. For now, wanted to get this aether journal set up.