Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wheel in Motion

The Time Lord walked down the stairs into the main control room of his TARDIS.

They call it an ETC. Etheral Travel Cabinet. Interesting name. He thought, But, what should I expect, being in this reality cut off from home.

He flipped a few switches on the main console, the nearby viewer hummed as an image appeared on it's screen. From where his ship had landed, he was able to see a young boy being forced around by a woman.....least he thought it was a woman. He then recognized the two. Flipping another switch, he listened in on the conversation.*

After which, he frowned.

"This does not look good." he said out loud.

The console of the time ship beeped a few, as if trying to respond. He gave a slight smile and patted the console. He then turned and walked up the stairs that overlooked the console room. Two blackboards stood at one end. He picked up a piece of chalk and looked at the names on one board:

Jobias Barthelmess

Doctor Obolensky

Malegatto Alter

Spycrusher Shostakovich

He took the chalk and added two names:

Marcus Mason


"Which one," he whispered, "which one responsible for the images and words on my psychic paper?"

He glanced at the second board and looked at what he had written earlier.

Silver Poison

Death Of Law

Caledon Uninhabitable

One True Master

Look To boB

"What does it all mean?"

* Conversation can be found here and here

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